EXCM 2010 web.config Tag Locations

Security Token Service web.config File


Connection String, Membership and Role Manager Tags

  • after <configuration>
  • before <system.serviceModel>

Content Site web.config File


Connection String Tag

  • after </configSections>
  • before <microsoft.sharepoint.client>

People Picker Wildcards Tag

  • Easiest to page down to "People Picker" section, then copy and paste existing "AspNet..." tag above itself and change data between quotes to "Ext" (or whatever you chose as your Membership Name)

Membership and Role Manager Providers (paste over existing data)

  • after <machineKey validationKey=...>
  • before </system.web>

Extranet Section Handler

  • after <configSections>
  • before <sectionGroup>

Extranet Configuration Elements

  • after </connectionStrings>
  • before <microsoft.sharepoint.client>
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